Welcome to my website...Here I try to keep you up to date with my new titles, reviews, awards and news...my coaching page on facebook is going great guns but, and here is this months breaking news, I want to move this more to my website ...this will eventually be where all my audiobook information is gathered, eventually an archive of advice and where the conversations can take place...enjoy...all ideas and comments welcome. xxx

Nice collection of short stories...another Earphones...excellent

Earphones Award Winner.jpg

I particularly enjoyed the review in Audiofile Magazine for this one...we all have our own styles and this rather epitomises mine..."Matthew Lloyd Davies doesn't just narrate this new audiobook--he turns his entire performance into a one-man show." I think every book that I do should be a show. (click image for Audible.com page)


A couple of quotes from the Audiofile Magazine review for this one..."Popular philosophical writing doesn't get any better than this, especially when it's delivered by British narrator Matthew Lloyd Davies." and "this generous serving of Davies's enormous talent is by itself worth the price of admission." and winning an Audiofile Earphone award...hurrah....for full review click on 'earphones' image below...and to buy the audiobook...click on the image to the left

Earphones Award Winner.jpg

So life has been turned upside down in this time of virus and fear. But this is far from being the first or even the worst this has been...check out The Great Mortality by John Kelly...frightening history...


Two more recent releases...The Bone Jar by S W Kane...will certainly disturb...

Earphones Award Winner.jpg

...and for fans of the Covenhoof series here is the next from the same writers...Hellzapoppin...truly made me laugh out loud as I recorded this one...

"he narrates with an elegant British voice, drawing laughs from the author's  humour"        Audiofile Magazine