Welcome to my website...Here I try to keep you up to date with my new titles, reviews, awards and news...so here's this months news...my new course 21 TARGETS is well on the way to completion...a few tweeks here, a test there, feedback coming in thick and fast...hopefully I will be able to announce a release date for the first course within the next two or three weeks...I suggest you keep your diary free February 2022...want to know more...go to the 21 targets page here on my website...it's a page in construction but there you will find out more...meanwhile why not check out some of my recent blog posts...all comments welcome...well maybe not ALL comments! mld xxx

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Had Covid? Got Covid? Nice collection of short stories about Covid...another Earphones...excellent

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So life has been turned upside down in this time of virus and fear. But this is far from being the first or even the worst this has been...check out The Great Mortality by John Kelly...frightening history...

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...apparently I give good viral...narrative...!!! Who knew!

Ok...so a bit early for festive fun...and I certainly am one for keeping Christmas in December...but what with new courses to write and launch I thought I'd just leave a couple of suggestions of my titles for some NON-festive reading...all a bit Dickensian but with no Dickens...all a bit Christmas Carol with very little Christmas and certainlh no carols....

I particularly enjoyed the review in Audiofile Magazine for this one...we all have our own styles and this rather epitomises mine..."Matthew Lloyd Davies doesn't just narrate this new audiobook--he turns his entire performance into a one-man show." I think every book that I do should be a show. (click image for Audible.com page)


Davies's pacing, accents, and distinctive voices are spot-on; each colorful presence comes alive to provide an imaginative backstory for Scrooge and his partner, Marley. Rather than visits from Christmas ghosts, Davies voices the complex relationship of two greedy men--and the lives they impact--with a performance that is very alive and often no less chilling.

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"he narrates with an elegant British voice, drawing laughs from the author's  humour"        Audiofile Magazine