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Welcome to my website...Here I try to keep you up to date with my new titles, reviews, awards and here's this months news...21 TARGETS launched in February with 15 participants...a huge success...the next run, Chapter Two, also sold out ... Chapter Three is planned for 6th November so please get in touch to join the wait-list...both previous courses sold out with in 24 hours of book your place early.


...more recent award news...A Spy's Life by Henry Porter is the most recent audiofile award...many thanks to Audiofile Magazine...Gotta love a review that says I'm 'the complete package'...

Get another view of MLD my pedagogy and some of my work on my instagram below.

Here's hoping your summer was good and that Autumn/Fall is as wonderful as it can (I LOVE Autumn)

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   Matthew Lloyd Davies's performance is intelligent, honest, and compelling in this intriguing story filled with spycraft and surprises. Robert Harland, ex-British spy, currently works for the UN secretary- general. After surviving a plane crash, which was possibly sabotage, he's drawn back into intelligence work. Years earlier, as an agent in Czechoslovakia, Harland's career and love affair ended after he was captured and tortured by an anonymous, vicious Serbian. As narrator, Davies is the complete package. When a man claiming to be Harland's son appears, Davies ratchets up the tension. His voice is flexible, and his characterizations are completely credible, thanks to his top-notch acting. His British, Czech, and American accents are impressive, and he captures all the emotions packed into this terrific audiobook

Earphones Award Winner.jpg
Earphones Award Winner.jpg

Narrator Matthew Lloyd Davies narrates the causes, events, and aftermath of the dramatic and bloody popular English rebellion called Davies smoothly recounts the actions of a government in the hands of regents, especially his uncle, John Gaunt, who ruled for the boy king Richard II. Letters, diary entries, and ordinances are delivered in Davies's measured, sometimes gruff tones in contrast to the author's fluid, emotionless, and vivid descriptions of uprisings, bloodthirsty beheadings, and violent punishments during and after the revolt. 

...Gruff and Measured...hmmm...I like that. xxx

So life has been turned upside down in this time of virus and fear. But this is far from being the first or even the worst this has been...check out The Great Mortality by John Kelly...frightening history...

Earphones Award Winner.jpg

...apparently I give good viral...narrative...!!! Who knew!


Davies's pacing, accents, and distinctive voices are spot-on; each colorful presence comes alive to provide an imaginative backstory for Scrooge and his partner, Marley. Rather than visits from Christmas ghosts, Davies voices the complex relationship of two greedy men--and the lives they impact--with a performance that is very alive and often no less chilling.

Earphones Award Winner.jpg

"he narrates with an elegant British voice, drawing laughs from the author's  humour"        Audiofile Magazine

Don't read the the book...

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