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21 Targets: The 21 Day Audiobook Narrators Challenge

21 Targets: The 21 Day Audiobook Narrators Challenge

21 Targets: The 21 Day Audiobook Narrators Challenge



 In every book there is a new challenge; in every book there is something new to learn, a technique to employ, a hurdle to surmount, but in every book there is an authors’ joy. Find that joy and the rest will follow.

Over 21 days and through 21 texts and tasks I will help you find the authors voice; the authors joy.

There are 21 Challenges, each one to be met by the end the day that challenge is set.

The discipline of meeting ‘each and every’ deadline and listening each day to your cohorts and giving peer to peer review is what this is all about.

Three times a week there will be a group session led by MLD to reflect on the week's exercises:

What has worked? What hasn’t? How different is each take on each challenge?

And opportunities to discuss the industry with a multi-award winning narrator.


And so…to the challenge itself…

Each day a project, a 'target', will be e-mailed to you. The challenge is to prep, record and upload by the end of that day...but also to listen to the other cohorts versions of the same challenge, consider and comment.

I will be listening to each and every target, I will comment each day...on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday we will get together to discuss what has been recorded, to read again and listen, to discuss the business of audiobooks.

Day One

This is the start of three weeks of thought, practice and/or preparation for your audiobook narration career...what are the most important elements to good audio? For instance this piece from The Blind Light by Stuart Evers...What does the punctuation tell you about the pace and the emotion? Not a full stop to be found…

Week 8 to 14

Meat and potatoes that what we in the UK call this...the big stuff...points of view and characterisation...the two overarching elements of fiction...this will really challenge you and hopefully open your minds to what you are capable of...

Week 1 to 7

By the end of week one you will have recorded seven projects, and listened to many others, you will have had feedback from your course contemporaries and from will have refreshed your technique, maybe questioned your approach and recorded some great texts and you will now understand, YOUR voice is exactly seven, Sunday, there will be a group ZOOM, oh how we all love zoom nowadays...for me to give 'in person' feedback and for the group to ask instance...why on earth am I using a Kate Bush song to demonstrate that there are many. voices that can tell the same story...

Week 15 to 21

This week you will have settled into recording everyday...your mind will be finding the place it needs to be, you will have found your voice and where it sits, you will have found the author, you will be off to practice more with confidence and with new friends and colleagues to take on your audiobook journey with you...and consider...if we all hear a different silence then, surely, we all hear a different voice.



stephanie Nemeth Parker

"I could not have loved Matt and this course more!!"


Stacy Carolan

"Dare! Definitely dare! This is a great course!"


Jeremy Frazier

"I learned a ton from... doing this course and I loved it."


Curtis Michael Holland:

"This course is one of the greatest challenges you can gift yourself. 10 stars,110% recommended."


Becky London:

"21 Targets - Best. Workshop. Ever.

 If you're only going to take one workshop this year, take this one!"


Deborah Balm

"I loved 21 targets...(it) has upped my game, considerably"


Kaleigh Kirby

"MLD is a fantastic, insightful coach, and 21 Targets is a fantastic format." 

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 17.00.23.png

Nikke Zakocs

"I miss this class!!!"


Nano Nagle

"I really did lift myself up and out of a malaise which was making my narration too rhythmical and boring."


Jacqueline de Boer


"21 Targets is a game changer." 


Lianne Walker

"challenging, inspiring and creatively empowering. "


Anne Marie Lewis

 "It was hard. It was eye-opening. It was great!

Highly recommended!"


Ellen Quay

"He's just the best." 

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