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Assumption is the mother of all Headaches

It doesn't matter which end

of the packet of Nurofen you will be the wrong end...the end that has the instructions and warnings folded over so that you can't get at the wonderful pain relief beneath. Similarly, it doesn't matter that you have been saying a word a certain way your entire life...I guarantee that if you get an audiobook with that word in will find that you have been saying it wrong...SO...

...I know who Brian Epstein is...I love the Beatles...I know how to say his name...but I'm clever...So I thought to myself...'what if I don't actually have this right?...I'll do some research" ... but because I had self doubt, as soon as I found evidence that I was wrong I took it, and used was crappy evidence but I used it...

The lesson is too obvious...I would have been wrong to assume I had it right...but also I was wrong to assume I might have had it wrong...but worse...I used inconclusive research to make my decision...and ended up using that evidence...Many corrections later and I'm writing a

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