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Hamilton...Oi..the driver not the musical

So Lewis Hamilton is the most successful Formula One driver of all time...a striking part of his work process is that he tries to understand all aspects of his car...not just how to drive it...but as far as he can, the mechanics and technical aspects of his car. With this knowledge he can adapt his driving to better use the tools around him.

We are not audio engineers but having an understanding of how your mic works, the ins and outs of your software (DAW), new/alternative DAW's, the basic acoustics of your surroundings, will help you to adapt your working process and find the most comfortable, the most repeatable, the most efficient recording set up possible in your given circumstances. There's so much to learn...I still confuses the bejeasers out of me but I keep trying, I keep doing courses and I keep searching to find the 'sweet' spot of comfort, of audio excellence and of efficiency and ease. Keep learning...keep experimenting...keep

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