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I , We, He, She,

I've been researching the differing levels of third person narration's a tough one to explain, almost as hard as the off-side rule in football...everyone knows what it is but no one ever explains it clearly. The level/depth of 3rd person narration basically, when all factors are taken into account, is what I think we mean when we talk about 'connection'. If the narrator isn't in the right place then they're just not connected. I've included a rather awful diagram which will help no-one...there is a culture in the audiobook industry that seems to suggest the narrative is either 'one thing' or 'another', it's either 'limited' or 'omniscient' or maybe even 'distant limited'...but surely the dynamic of the book, it's energy and vibrancy will nearly always require a movement from one to the other, a movement between states...much as the characters will change, so does the narrator.

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Nice chart! This makes me realise that I have not recorded a 1st person narrative in quite a while. I guess 3rd person narrative are more common in specific genres.

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