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"Oi Mic!" I shouted..."Which One?" came the cry back.

A huge subject...microphones and which one is right for you...actually no...not a huge subject...a lot of gumph is hawked around about 'which mic will suit your voice' 'which mic is best' 'which mic will get me the work I want'...well the none of them...OH...and all of them. A hugely successful sound engineer friend of mine swears he can make almost any microphone sound good with some EQ. As for which is best for your voice...what does that even mean? If you mean, which mic makes my working day easier because I like the sound it makes of my voice in my headphones as I record...then the mic that makes you feel good about will be happier and more productive. But if you think the producer the other end gives two monkey's sandals which mic you use I reckon you're wrong. They want as much signal (ie sound that you make with your voice) as possible and they will then batch process the living bejeezers out of it and you will sound like you have the same mic as everyone else...I have an expensive mic...I love the way I sound to myself as I work, that makes my work easier...BUT I have no problem at all going back to my old much much cheeper mic if my posh one failed me because I work to sound good on both...the mic cannot do that work for me (and by 'sound good' I mean tell a great story...I do not mean the 'voice beautiful').


So don't get GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)...spend your money on sound reduction in your recording set up, spend your money on spend your money on YOU sounding better...and that will make almost any mic the right mic for you. (if Gumph isn't a should be)

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