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Who on earth are you?

I sometimes don't know what my voice is...or at least...I used to not know what my voice is...the more books I record...the more I think I know. But at the start of your career in audiobooks there is some very quick and basic honesty needed...honesty with yourself. What is your voice good for? Honestly when I started this audiobook lark I was pretty sure that my middle class R.P. British voice would probably be very suited to Non-Fiction (as one of my early coaches said "To us Americans you sound clever")... and so it turned out...but what I wasn't ready for was that my voice, or at least, the way I read, turned out to be pretty useful in the 'romance' world...and by 'romance' I mean all that physical activity but someone says 'I love you' at some stage in the book usually near the end. Some are uncomfortable reading this but it is a huge part of the audiobook production-line and a lot of publishers will throw a few your way...saying 'No' may have them thinking of not throwing other titles your way. Anyway...listen to yourself read...what do you like reading, what don't you like reading...WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT READING...and start to find your voice.

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