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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

For those new to the profession, established actors moving into audiobooks as a new branch of their careers and established narrators looking to freshen their approach. I choose my students carefully to be ensure we can communicate and understand one another for maximum effect.


My pedagogy is based on the individual. My bespoke training is based on your requirements as you see them and as I hear them...what you want, and what you need...releasing the best voice you didn’t know you had and giving you the confidence to use it.


I work using text, practice, discussion and trust; I want each and every student to feel that their particular challenges are being addressed rather than just teaching a generic ‘one size fits all’ course.


As a professional director and actor with over 35 yrs experience ranging from Theatre in Schools to RSC, National Theatre and West End Musicals, my knowledge of storytelling is profound.

Matthew Lloyd Davies Mr Timothy.jpg

Subjects covered: Research and Preparation, Breathing, Business and Marketing, Text study, Pace, Attack, Accuracy, Character creation, Sustaining a character and objective, ACX, Character in Non-fiction, Authenticity, The Narrators Swiss Army knife (or how to get out of that corner!), Punctuation and when to ignore it, Period and style, Genre and style, Comedy, Erotica, Tension, Dynamics, use of silence, Author training and...just telling a damn good story.


There are coaches with ‘techniques’, there are coaches with ‘methods’, there are coaches with ‘courses’. I coach with head, heart and soul.


All this knowledge is concentrated into my audiobook narration coaching.

My One-to-One coaching is bespoke: It will be what you need, It will be what I think you need, It will be organic and adaptive to your  requirements. Get in touch, let's chat about how I can help you. Fill in the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

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