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 Still not sure? Here's the full and unedited testimonials. 

Get stuck in and enjoy.


Becky London:

"21 Targets - Best. Workshop. Ever.


I learned more from this course than anything else I've ever done. It is absolutely jam-packed: there is more content than multiple other workshops put together. You learn so much from the material, the other participants, and of course from Matt. Make no mistake, there is a LOT to do in this workshop - part of what you learn is time management in order to do all the assignments. Each assignment presents a unique challenge, which Matt makes specific and clear. Each was so exciting and enticing I couldn't wait to do it. As a teacher, Matt is unparalleled. He brings so much passion and enthusiasm to the course. He makes you feel you're getting not just his full attention, but 100 percent of his whole being. His love for the work is palpable, inspiring and contagious. I really can't say enough about Matt and 21 Targets. If you're only going to take one workshop this year, take this one!"


Stacy Carolan:

"Dare! Definitely dare! This is a great course!"


Lianne Walker:

"I joined up for Matt’s second cohort of 21 Targets and I am so glad I did. I found the course, challenging (in a good way), inspiring (what a great bunch of people) and creatively empowering. Matt’s commitment to the creation of the course, his ongoing involvement, feedback, and teaching was/is phenomenal. After the first two or three days, I thought I was not going to make it through but then a switch came on and everything changed. If you’re on the fence, I say take that leap but be prepared, it is a mental and time commitment. You won’t regret it. I’d certainly be happy to do it again!"


Anne Marie Lewis:

"I spent 3 weeks with Matthew Lloyd Davies exploring and honing various techniques and skills in audiobook narration. We had to complete a narration challenge each day for 21 days. It was hard. It was eye-opening. It was great!

Highly recommended!

I miss ALL of you and your wonderful voices and your lovely hearts!"


First- a disclaimer- I am a consistently working audiobook narrator, but I am not a "seasoned" narrator. I am fairly new-ish in the context of a career narrator. I say that so that you understand when I say that, truly, 21 Targets will be challenging for narrators at any level. There is no possible way to come away from this challenge and not have learned something, and improved many things. First, MLD is a fantastic, insightful coach, and 21 Targets is a fantastic format. He peels away all the bs we may be putting on or buried in, and through the 21 days of challenges, helps you find, and appreciate, what is special about YOUR voice. Also, the value of listening to other narrators in the challenge (of all levels) perform the same text, is beyond enlightening. You learn so much from them- you find approaches they take that work, and that may not have occurred to you, and they will hear something you did that you didn't hear in yourself . You get to see them grow over those 21 days, and it is so exciting, because at some point you realize- you have grown too!  It is easy to over-think the exercises, but if you do the basic prep, listen to Matt's instructions and understand the goal, you will find that the over-thinking goes away. I have coached with many coaches, and have learned important, valuable things from all of them. But if I have to pick one course (Challenge!) that was a game-changer for me, it would be 21 Targets. The results have been measurable for me and my career in so many ways. And when performing in front of the microphone, I find myself consciously and subconsciously incorporating the many tools learned from challenge. I am booking more because I am auditioning better, because I AM BETTER, and I can attribute so much of that to having taken 21 Targets. And let's be honest- you can't beat the bang for the buck- 21 days of guidance from Matthew Lloyd Davies and a small group of talented, invested fellow narrators? C' it. You'll be so glad you did. 


Ellen Quay:

"He's just the best." 

Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 17.00.23.png

Nikke Zakocs:

"I miss this class!!!"


Deborah Balm:

"I loved 21 targets...I wanted to say how much I think that 21 Targets has upped my game. Better understanding of the text results in better delivery first time. I think you've considerably improved my productivity as well as my storytelling. All of the helpful and sweet comments from everyone are great confidence builders. You guys are the best!

The energy and love that you put into creating it made it what it is."


I gained so much from your Target 21 course for Audiobook narration and here is why…………

I am in my third age of life and audiobook narration is a choice I made when touring and theatre performance was just getting too much and the idea of staying at home and telling stories (where I could act out different characters and describe events and moods)  was really exciting. So I learnt a lot about the technical side and thought really I should know the acting bit; because I had a lot of experience in the theatre, acting and directing and teaching!

So fast forward to now, when I had narrated over 100 books in many genres mostly learning through doing and of course I did learn a lot but I also learned that there was a lot I didn’t know about acting in audiobooks as well as how important small technical details are to the finished product.

I really felt I needed someone to help me lift myself above my self criticism and the over analysis and just go with my intuition and use my abilities to create stories which have a life of their own!

I found Matt and his Target 21 course. I loved the idea that I had to commit to doing this every day for 3 weeks and it was going to challenge me because I can be sloppy, chaotic and cut corners……….

Also from the first time I met Matt I liked the fact he was a very talented actor and he had made audiobooks work for him creatively and financially; great tutor/teacher’s are best when they are practitioners I think.

And let me tell you he was a kind and knowledgeable task master who kept you feeling enthusiastic but came up with brilliant challenges.

 When I first saw those challenges, early in the morning, I could be puzzled but I would reach deep into myself and get the task done. But whether I thought I could do the work or not I went for it because that’s the thing - when you sit in your studio with a book you have to be free to make those sort of decisions and trust that they will work!

I learnt so much from the other participants and Matt’s notes every day. I made my tasks my warm ups and it really made my work so much better, so much so that now I just pick a book from the shelf every morning and narrate a page, making quick decisions.

Thank you Matt I really did lift myself up and out of a malaise which was making my narration too rhythmical and boring.


Jeremy Frazier:

"I learned a ton from... doing this course and I loved it but, the lesson that keeps coming back to me the most as I read is the one about perspective. I see the slight changes far more than I ever did before between pages, paragraphs, and even sentences.I immediately see the changes in how deeply I think about what I am reading!"


Curtis Michael Holland:

"This course is one of the greatest challenges you can gift yourself. You have to do the work, but Matthew Lloyd Davies brings you the best opportunities to up your narration game. His feedback and guidance are invaluable; you won’t get a pat on the back just for showing up, but you will hear what you need to improve, and when he compliments you, he means it with verve. 21 Targets is my most valued learning experience with regards to technical performance and measurable improvement. 10 stars,110% recommended." 

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